PossibleFreeSpace Property

The maximum amount of free space the vault could possibly have available.


qint64 GetPossibleFreeSpace();

Default Value



This property reflects the maximum amount of free space, in bytes, that the vault could possibly have available. That is, the amount of free space that would be available if the vault automatically grew to its maximum PossibleSize right now, without any additional data being written to it. Therefore:

In both cases, parent_free_space is the amount of free space available for the vault to use for automatic growth. For a file-based vault, this is the total amount of free space on the disk where the vault's storage file (i.e., VaultFile) resides, as reported by the OS. For a Callback Mode vault, this is whatever value the application provides via the VaultGetParentSize event.

Please refer to the Vault Size topic for more information.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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