VaultSize Property

The actual size of the vault.


qint64 GetVaultSize();
int SetVaultSize(qint64 lVaultSize);

Default Value



This property specifies the actual size of the vault, in bytes.

Applications may use this property to explicitly resize a vault, keeping in mind the following:

  • A vault cannot shrink more than its available free space allows (i.e., not by more than VaultFreeSpace bytes).
  • A vault cannot shrink beyond VaultSizeMin bytes.
  • If VaultSizeMax is not 0 (unlimited), a vault cannot grow beyond VaultSizeMax bytes.
  • If a vault grows enough to reach/exceed its AutoCompactAt threshold, it will automatically shrink again when the next automatic compaction occurs.

Applications can also determine the maximum size a vault could possibly be by querying the PossibleSize property. Please refer to the Vault Size topic for more information.

Note: This property can only be changed when Active is true, and cannot be changed within events.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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