BeforeSetFileAttributes Event

Fires before a file or directory's attributes and/or times are changed.


public class DefaultCbfilterEventListener implements CbfilterEventListener {
  public void beforeSetFileAttributes(CbfilterBeforeSetFileAttributesEvent e) {}

public class CbfilterBeforeSetFileAttributesEvent {
  public String fileName;
  public java.util.Date creationTime;
  public java.util.Date lastAccessTime;
  public java.util.Date lastWriteTime;
  public java.util.Date changeTime;
  public int attributes;
  public long fileContext;
  public long handleContext;
  public boolean processRequest;
  public int resultCode;


This event fires before the attributes and/or times of the file or directory specified by FileName are changed.

Applications may use this event to modify the request's parameters.

Applications only need to handle this event if they've added a standard filter rule that includes the FS_CE_BEFORE_SET_ATTRIBUTES flag.

The CreationTime, LastAccessTime, LastWriteTime, and ChangeTime parameters specify the new time values, specified in UTC. A value of January 1, 1601 00:00:00 UTC indicates that the corresponding time value is not included in the request.

The Attributes parameter specifies the new attributes; please refer to Microsoft's File Attribute Constants article for attribute descriptions.

The FileContext and HandleContext parameters are placeholders for application-defined data associated with the file and specific handle, respectively. Please refer to the Contexts topic for more information.

The ProcessRequest parameter controls whether the request is sent onwards for further processing by subsequent filter drivers and the filesystem; it is true by default.

The ResultCode parameter will always be 0 when the event is fired. If the event cannot be handled in a "successful" manner for some reason (e.g., a resource isn't available, security checks failed, etc.), set it to a non-zero value to report an appropriate error. Please refer to the Error Reporting and Handling topic for more information.

This event is fired synchronously; please refer to the Event Types topic for more information.

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