Starting Server

Your .NET server application can be designed to be started manually by users or automatically at login. It also can be built as a Windows service to automatically start on boot.

In some cases, however, the .NET server application may not be running, and the user will navigate to the virtual folder that is supposed to be managed by your application. In this situation, the native proxy DLL cannot communicate with the .NET server application and the user will receive an error message. It is possible to have the native proxy DLL start the .NET server application when the application is not reachable. Then, the native proxy DLL will use the ShellExecute function of the Shell API to execute the command.

To tell the proxy DLL which command to execute, you will need to set up several configuration settings using the Config method of the CBShellBoost component. The names of all relevant settings start with "ServerStart". The settings must be set before you call CBShellBoost.Install method.

Remember: Each time the application is started, it must call the CBShellBoost.Initialize method before starting the ShellFolderServer instance.

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