Physical Overview Folder Sample

This console application has a Shell folder that uses a physical folder (named "Root" and located in %appdata%) as the backend for all operations. This sample demonstrates the following features:

  • Advanced Drag & drop. For example, the sample supports files dropped from Explorer, files in Outlook (e.g., messages, attachments), or images from Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as other applications.
  • Copy/Paste operations.
  • IIdentityItem, IPreviewItem, and other IRelatedItem-derived interfaces.
  • Common Dialog (Open, Save) operations. Note, however, that this depends heavily on the application that hosts the Common Dialog. For example, the sample supports the ability to save from Microsoft Word (or other Office apps) to the Namespace Extension but using the Save As Common Dialog does not work for other applications (such as Windows Notepad or Adobe Acrobat).
  • Shell change notifications from other folders.

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