Device Manager Folder Sample

This sample mimics the official Windows Device Manager application, while demonstrates the following:

  • A .NET Core 3.1 console C# application.
  • Usage of WinRT classes, such as the Windows.Devices.Enumeration.DeviceInformation.DeviceWatcher, through inclusion of the "Microsoft.Windows.SDK.Contracts" NuGet package.
  • Icons can support small to large sizes (256 x 256).
  • A ShellFolder and ShellItem namespace hierarchy built completely asynchronously, which is made possible thanks to the NotifyCreate, NotifyDelete, and NotifyUpdate methods.
  • Just like the official Windows application, hidden devices can be shown or hidden.
Just like the official Windows application, new plugged-in devices or modified devices (e.g., USB keys) will appear automatically in the views if they are opened in the corresponding folder.

Following are two screenshots of the Namespace Extension integrated with the Windows 10 Shell:

The following screenshot shows hidden devices. Hidden devices can be shown using the standard Explorer "Hidden items" checkbox:

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