Binaries Setup

Native Proxy DLLs and GUIDs

Each proxy DLL embeds some GUID values, which are used for RPC communication and to register the Shell Namespace Extension in the Shell Namespace. One of those GUID values is also present in the name of the native proxy DLL for each project.

Trial Versions

The trial version of CBFS Shell cannot be distributed. The GUID values are the same for all evaluators. When the trial version is used with multiple projects or software titles, such use will result in conflicts between projects and improper operation of CBFS Shell.

Full Versions

After purchasing a license for CBFS Shell, an individual set of files which contains your individual native proxy DLLs will be made available to you. The provided DLLs include unique GUID values, specific to your license. Only the full version DLLs are suitable for distribution.

The native proxy DLLs are named CBFSShell.<id>.x64.dll, CBFSShell.<id>.x86.dll, and CBFSShell.<id>.ARM64.dll. The <id> value is unique to each of your projects.

Each individual set of files is created once per released build of CBFS Shell. So, unless you need a CBFS Shell update or a fresh copy of files, you will not need to download the file set again.

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