ProductGUID Property

This is your product ID.


public string ProductGUID { get; set; }
Public Property ProductGUID As String

Default Value



ProductGUID (also known as project ID) is used to distinguish among various installations performed by different applications.

The GUID should be specified in the so-called Registry Format with curly braces included (e.g., "{1FAD0EF2-9A03-4B87-B4BC-645B7035ED90}") or as a plain value without formatting (e.g., "1FAD0EF29A034B87B4BC645B7035ED90").

This is the same ID as the one contained in the filename of the native proxy DLLs.

To ensure proper operation, it is critical that each individual application have its own unique ProductGUID value and that applications (and their installation scripts) assign that value to this ProductGUID property before calling any of the following methods:

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