NamespaceLocation Property

This property specifies where the extension is located in the Shell Namespace.


public string NamespaceLocation { get; set; }
Public Property NamespaceLocation As String

Default Value



This property describes where the Shell Namespace Extension will be located in the Shell Namespace.

Set this property before calling the Install method.

This location must be one of the following specified values (other values will not be translated properly into folder IDs):


Used for extensions that implement "file as folder" feature and that may appear anywhere within the Shell namespace.

NS_LOCATION_COMMONPLACESCommonPlacesAdd or Remove Programs Shell folder or Programs and Features (Windows 10 and later).

Corresponds to FOLDERID_ChangeRemovePrograms well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_CONTROLPANELControlPanelControl Panel folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_ControlPanelFolder well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_DESKTOPDesktopDesktop folder and Desktop itself.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_Desktop well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_FONTSFontsFolderFonts folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_Fonts well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_MYCOMPUTERMyComputerMy Computer Shell folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_ComputerFolder well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_NETWORK_NEIGHBORHOODNetworkNeighborhoodNetwork Shell folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_NetworkFolder well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_ENTIRE_NETWORKNetworkNeighborhood\\EntireNetworkNetwork Shortcuts folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_NetHood well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_PRINTERS_AND_FAXESPrintersAndFaxesPrinters and Faxes folder or Devices and Printers (Windows 10 or later).

Corresponds to FOLDERID_PrintersFolder well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_USERS_FILESUsersFilesUser's root folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_UsersFiles well-known ID.

NS_LOCATION_USERS_LIBRARIESUsersLibrariesLibraries folder.

Corresponds to FOLDERID_UsersLibraries well-known ID.

Additional information about well-known folder IDs can be found in the dedicated MSDN topic.

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