filler Method

Fills the buffer with information about a directory entry.


def filler(filler_context: int, name: str, ino: int, mode: int, uid: int, gid: int, link_count: int, size: int, a_time: datetime.datetime, m_time: datetime.datetime, c_time: datetime.datetime) -> int: ...


Use the Filler method from the on_read_dir event handler to fill the buffer with the information about a file.

Call the method in a loop to add multiple entries.

The FillerContext parameter is passed to the on_read_dir event handler and must be passed by the event handler to this method without modifications.

The Name parameter should contain the name of the directory entry.

The Ino parameter should be set to the ID of the file, which must be unique within a filesystem. Ino is optional on Windows and is ignored on Linux, where FUSE internally generates internal IDs.

The Mode parameter is a combination of bit flags.

Windows: Mode may include 0x4000 (S_IFDIR) to indicate that the entry is a directory, and must include either 0x80 (S_IWUSR) to indicate a file that can be read and written or 0x100 (S_IRUSR) to indicate a read-only file. Other flags are ignored.

Linux: Mode may include any appropriate file mode flags.

Windows: The Uid, Gid, and LinkCount parameters are not used.

Linux: The Uid and Gid parameters must be set to the owner's user ID and group ID respectively. LinkCount should be set to the number of hard links that the file has (which usually is 1).

Size must be set to the size of the file's data. For directories, the parameter should be set to 0.

ATime, MTime, CTime: Set respectively to the Access Time, Modification Time, and Creation Time values of the file or directory. All date/time parameters in the class are specified in UTC.

To convert Unix time to the format, suitable for this function, use the unix_time_to_file_time method.

Windows: Any non-applicable time values can be set to January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC.

The method returns 0 on success and an error code otherwise.

Note: This method cannot be called within events.

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