VaultState Property

Information about the state of the vault.


int GetVaultState();

Default Value



This property reflects the current state of the vault; its value consists of one or more of the following flags, OR'd together:

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_FIXED_SIZE0x00000001The vault is fixed-size.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_READ_ONLY0x00000002The vault was opened in read-only mode.

Please refer to the ReadOnly property for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_CORRUPTED0x00000004The vault is corrupted.

Applications can use the CheckAndRepair method to try to repair vault corruption. Please refer to the Vault Corruption topic for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_TRANSACTIONS_USED0x00000008The vault was opened in journaling mode.

Please refer to the UseJournaling property for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_ACCESS_TIME_USED0x00000010Last access times are being tracked.

Please refer to the UseAccessTime property for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_ENCRYPTED0x00000020The vault is encrypted with whole-vault encryption.

Please refer to the Encryption topic for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_VALID_PASSWORD_SET0x00000040The correct whole-vault encryption password has been provided.

Please refer to the Encryption topic for more information.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_PHYSICAL_VOLUME0x00000080The vault is backed by a storage volume or partition formatted with the CBFS Vault filesystem.

This flag is not used.

CBFSSTORAGE_ST_PARTED0x00000100The vault's contents are split across multiple files on disk.

Please refer to the Multipart Vaults topic for more information.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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