CBFS Vault 2020 Python Edition

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The user mode API comes in two pieces, both of which must be deployed with the application:

  • A Python module named cbfsvault.py.
  • A native library (unmanaged), named as follows:
    • Windows: pycbfsvault20.dll (available for x64 and x86 processor architectures)
    • Linux: libpycbfsvault.so.20.0 (available for x64 and x86 processor architectures)
    • macOS: libpycbfsvault20.0.dylib (available for x64 and ARM64 processor architectures)

Both of these are included in the product's Python package, <install_dir>\cbfsvault-20.0.xxxx.tar.gz, which should be installed using pip:

cd C:\path\to\install_dir
python -m pip install cbfsvault-20.0.xxxx.tar.gz

Once the product's Python package has been installed, the module can be imported and used: from cbfsvault import *. Nothing else is required to deploy the application.

As an alternative to installing the module using pip, you can utilize the built-in setuptools module to package the module for deployment or install it to the machine.

python setup.py build --build-lib=<app_dir>
The above setup command packages the module and native library for deployment. A folder is created in the app_dir directory with the module and the native library packaged inside.

Windows Only: Remember to deploy the drivers too, as they are an integral part of CBFS Vault.

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CBFS Vault 2020 Python Edition - Version 20.0 [Build 7982]