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vault_password Property

The whole-vault encryption password.


def get_vault_password() -> str: ...
def set_vault_password(value: str) -> None: ...

vault_password = property(get_vault_password, set_vault_password)

Default Value



This property specifies the whole-vault encryption password to use when creating new vaults and opening existing vaults.

To create a new vault with whole-vault encryption enabled, the vault_encryption property must be set as well.

When an existing vault is opened, the class updates vault_encryption automatically based on the detected whole-vault encryption mode. If the vault is encrypted, the class will attempt to access it using the password specified by vault_password. If vault_password is incorrect, the attempt will fail and the vault will not be opened.

The vault_encryption and vault_password properties cannot be used to change an open vault's whole-vault encryption mode or password; use the update_vault_encryption method.

Please refer to the Encryption topic for more information.

Note: This property cannot be changed when active is True, and cannot be changed within events.

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