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set_file_tag_as_string Method

Attaches a String-typed file tag to the specified vault item.


def set_file_tag_as_string(file_name: str, tag_name: str, value: str) -> None: ...


This method attaches a String-typed file tag to the vault item (file, directory, or alternate stream) specified by FileTag using the specified TagName. If a typed file tag with the specified TagName is already attached to the specified vault item, it is replaced.

The value passed for FileName must be a vault-local absolute path. The value passed for TagName may be up to 4095 characters in length (not including the null terminator).

The Value parameter specifies the UTF-16LE String value to store in the file tag; it may be up to 65529 - (name_length * 2) bytes in length (where name_length is measured in characters), including null terminators for both the String value and the name.

Please refer to the File Tags topic for more information.

Note: This method can only be called when active is True, and cannot be called within events.

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