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get_search_result_size Method

Retrieves the size of a vault item found during a search operation.


def get_search_result_size(search_handle: int) -> int: ...


This method retrieves the size of a vault item (file, directory, symbolic link, or alternate stream) found via find_first/find_first_by_query/find_next as part of the search operation identified by SearchHandle. Please refer to those methods' documentation for more information. (Note that, for files, the returned value only reflects the size of the file's immediate contents, it does not account for any alternate streams the file may or may not contain.)

The value passed for SearchHandle must be a search operation handle returned by find_first or find_first_by_query.

If the vault item is a directory, or if sizes were not requested as part of the specified search operation (by passing either 0 or a value including CBFSSTORAGE_FF_NEED_SIZE for the find_first/find_first_by_query method's Flags parameter), this method will always return 0. Please refer to the documentation for these methods for more information.

Note: This method can only be called when active is True.

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