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get_search_result_last_access_time Method

Retrieves the last access time of a vault item found during a search operation.


def get_search_result_last_access_time(search_handle: int) -> datetime.datetime: ...


This method retrieves the creation time of a vault item (file, directory, symbolic link, or alternate stream) found via find_first/find_first_by_query/find_next as part of the search operation identified by SearchHandle. Please refer to those methods' documentation for more information.

The value passed for SearchHandle must be a search operation handle returned by find_first or find_first_by_query.

The timestamps returned by this method are specified in UTC.

If times were not requested as part of the specified search operation (by passing either 0 or a value including CBFSSTORAGE_FF_NEED_TIMES for the find_first/find_first_by_query method's Flags parameter), this method will always return January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC. Please refer to the documentation for these methods for more information.

Note that vault items' last access times are only updated if the use_access_time property is enabled.

Note: This method can only be called when active is True.

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