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get_file_compression Method

Retrieves the compression mode of a file or alternate stream.


def get_file_compression(file_name: str) -> int: ...


This method retrieves the compression mode of the file or alternate stream specified by FileName.

The value passed for FileName must be a vault-local absolute path.

The returned compression mode will be one of the following values:

CBFSSTORAGE_CM_NONE0Don't use compression.

CBFSSTORAGE_CM_DEFAULT1Use default compression (zlib).

CBFSSTORAGE_CM_CUSTOM2Use event-based custom compression.

Compression level is not used.

CBFSSTORAGE_CM_ZLIB3Use zlib compression.

Valid compression levels are 1-9.


Compression level is not used.

Applications that use custom compression must the on_data_compress and on_data_decompress events. Please refer to the Compression topic for more information.

Note: This method can only be called when active is True.

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