Welcome to CBFS Vault, an all-in-one file storage solution that allows applications to create and embed secure, fully-functional filesystems anywhere. These filesystems, known as Vaults, are completely self-contained and can be stored in files, memory, or any other location your application has read/write access to.

Each vault can store as many files, directories, custom file attributes and tags, alternate streams, and symbolic links as desired; your application has complete control over its contents and capacity. To ensure your data is stored efficiently and securely, CBFS Vault also offers built-in Compression and Encryption functionality, and allows you to provide your own algorithms if desired.

Classes Included
CBVaultThe CBVault component lets applications create a vault and manipulate its contents.

Additional Information

You will always find the latest information about CBFS Vault at our web site: www.callback.com. We offer free, fully-functional 30-day trials for all of our products, and our technical support staff are happy to answer any questions you may have during your evaluation.

Please direct all technical questions to support@callback.com. To help support technicians assist you as quickly as possible, please provide an detailed and accurate description of your problem, the results you expected, and the results that you received while using our product. For questions about licensing and pricing, and all other general inquiries, please contact sales@callback.com.

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing CBFS Vault for your development needs. We realize that you have a choice among development tools, and that by choosing us you are counting on us to be a key component in your business. We work around the clock to provide you with ongoing enhancements, support, and innovative products; and we will always do our best to exceed your expectations!

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