setFileTagAsDateTime (method)

Attaches a DateTime-typed file tag to the specified vault item.


- (void)setFileTagAsDateTime:(NSString*)fileName :(NSString*)tagName :(NSDate*)value;
public func setFileTagAsDateTime(_ fileName: String, _ tagName: String, _ value: Date) throws -> Void


This method attaches a DateTime-typed file tag to the vault item (file, directory, or alternate stream) specified by FileTag using the specified TagName. If a typed file tag with the specified TagName is already attached to the specified vault item, it is replaced.

The value passed for FileName must be a vault-local absolute path. The value passed for TagName may be up to 4095 characters in length (not including the null terminator).

The Value parameter specifies the DateTime value to store in the file tag, which must be specified .

Please refer to the File Tags topic for more information.

Note: This method can only be called when Active is true, and cannot be called within events.

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