copyFromVault (method)

Copies files and directories from the vault to a physical filesystem.


- (void)copyFromVault:(NSString*)vaultPath :(NSString*)systemPath :(NSString*)mask :(int)flags :(NSString*)password;
public func copyFromVault(_ vaultPath: String, _ systemPath: String, _ mask: String, _ flags: Int32, _ password: String) throws -> Void


This method copies the files and directories at the specified VaultPath to a physical filesystem location, specified by SystemPath. Only the files and directories whose names match the specified Mask are copied.

The values passed for VaultPath and SystemPath must be vault-local and system-local absolute paths, respectively. The value passed for Mask may contain wildcard characters.

The Flags parameter is used to control recursion and overwrite behavior, and should be set by OR'ing together zero or more of the following flags:

CBFSSTORAGE_CFF_OVERWRITE_NONE0x00000000Never overwrite destination files.

CBFSSTORAGE_CFF_OVERWRITE_IF_NEWER0x00000001Overwrite a destination file only if the source file is newer.

CBFSSTORAGE_CFF_OVERWRITE_ALL0x00000002Always overwrite destination files.

CBFSSTORAGE_CFF_INCLUDE_SUBDIRS_WITH_CONTENTS0x00010000Include all subdirectories in source directory, and their contents, recursively.

CBFSSTORAGE_CFF_INCLUDE_SUBDIRS_NO_CONTENTS0x00020000Include all subdirectories in the source directory, without their contents.

The Password parameter specifies the password to use to access files' data, if they are encrypted.

Note: This method can only be called when Active is true, and cannot be called within events.

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