Error Event

Fires if an unhandled error occurs during an event.


// CBVaultErrorEventArgs carries the CBVault Error event's parameters.
type CBVaultErrorEventArgs struct {...}

func (args *CBVaultErrorEventArgs) ErrorCode() int32
func (args *CBVaultErrorEventArgs) Description() string

// CBVaultErrorEvent defines the signature of the CBVault Error event's handler function.
type CBVaultErrorEvent func(sender *CBVault, args *CBVaultErrorEventArgs)

func (obj *CBVault) GetOnErrorHandler() CBVaultErrorEvent
func (obj *CBVault) SetOnErrorHandler(handlerFunc CBVaultErrorEvent)


This event fires if an unhandled error occurs during another event. Developers can use this information to help track down unhandled errors in an application's event handlers.

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