CBFS Vault 2020 Android Edition

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The user mode API comes in two pieces, both of which must be deployed along with the application:

  1. A JAR file, named cbfsvault.jar
  2. A native JNI library, named libjnicbfsvault.so. The library is available for ARM, x64, and x86 processors.

To link both the JAR and the JNI library to your project, you need to add the code, present below, to the build.gradle file of your project. If you are using another build tool, the idea is that you need to tell the tool that it needs to pick the .so files from the lib directory and put them to the resulting APK file.

Sample code for build.gradle:

task copyJNILibs(type: Copy) {
    from 'path_to_product\cbfsvault-20.0\lib'
    include '**/*.so'
    into 'src/main/jniLibs'

You may copy the above code from the sample projects.

Note that there is also a deploy.jar file that may be used instead of cbfsvault.jar; it is smaller, and does not contain Intellisense data or Javadoc content.

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