CBFS Vault 2020 Android Edition

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VaultFile Property

The vault to create and/or open.


public String getVaultFile();
public void setVaultFile(String vaultFile);


This property specifies the vault to create and/or open when the OpenVault method is called.

When the CallbackMode property is disabled (default), this property specifies the vault storage file to create/open, and must be set to a fully-qualified file path formatted according to OS conventions.

When the CallbackMode property is enabled, this property is only used to populate the Vault parameter of the VaultOpen, VaultGetParentSize, and VaultDelete events; and can be set to any application-defined value. Please refer to the Callback Mode topic for more information.

Note: This property cannot be changed when Active is true, and cannot be changed within events.

Default Value


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