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Helper DLL

This topic describes the functionality, available in CBDrive, CBMemDrive, and CBDisk classes when the class is used in Windows operating system.

The Helper DLL is integrated into Windows Explorer and offers functionality designed to provide users with a consistent and pleasant experience. It is recommended that the Helper DLL be installed alongside the system driver, which can be accomplished by including the MODULE_HELPER_DLL flag when calling the Install method.

The Helper DLL is distributed in the same .cab file as the system driver; its name is CBDriveShellHelper20.dll, and it is shipped in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants. Its functionality is described below.

Mounting Point Change Broadcasts

Anytime a mounting point is added or removed, the system driver will send a notification to the Helper DLL, which then broadcasts a system message instructing Windows Explorer to refresh the list of drives. Without this functionality, Windows Explorer will not refresh the list of drives if a mounting point is added or removed from a Windows service or another user session.

Network Mounting Point

When a network mounting point is used, the Helper DLL provides the functionality that allows Windows Explorer to correctly display the current status of, and interact with, the virtual drive. Without this functionality, the virtual drive will display as "Disconnected", which may result in unexpected behavior.

Custom Icons

When custom icons are used for a virtual drive, the Helper DLL ensures that they are properly displayed in Windows Explorer.

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