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StorageType Property

The type of virtual drive to create. (Windows only).


 cbdrive.setStorageType( storageType, [callback])

Default Value



The 'callback' parameter specifies a function which will be called when the operation completes (or an error is encountered). If the 'callback' parameter is not specified, then the method will block and will not return until the operation completes (or an error is encountered).

The callback for the getStorageType([callback]) method is defined as:

function(err, data){ }

'err' is the error that occurred. If there was no error, then 'err' is 'null'.

'data' is the value returned by the method.

The callback for the setStorageType([callback]) method is defined as:

function(err){ }

'err' is the error that occurred. If there was no error, then 'err' is 'null'.

'err' has 2 properties which hold detailed information:



This property specifies what type of virtual drive should be created. Windows Explorer uses this information to display the appropriate icon and apply the appropriate security settings for the virtual drive. Other applications may also make use of this information in various ways.

Possible values are:

STGT_DISK0x00000000Create a regular disk device.

STGT_CDROM0x00000001Create a CD-ROM or DVD device.

STGT_DISK_PNP0x00000003Create a plug-and-play storage device.

Important: The CBFS Storage system driver must be installed in PnP mode for this option to function properly.

Note: This property cannot be changed after a virtual drive is created, and cannot be changed within events.

Plug-and-play Virtual Drives

Virtual drives created as plug-and-play (STGT_DISK_PNP) require that a "physical device" be visible in the Disk Manager snap-in of the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe). This can be accomplished by calling the AddMountingPoint method and including the STGMP_MOUNT_MANAGER flag in the value passed for its Flags parameter.

In addition to supporting the STGC_REMOVABLE_MEDIA StorageCharacteristics flag, which specifies whether a virtual drive's media is removable or non-removable, plug-and-play virtual drives also support the STGC_ALLOW_EJECTION flag, which specifies whether a virtual drive itself is removable or non-removable.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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