CBFS Storage 2020 Android Edition

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AutoCompactAt Property

The free space percentage threshold a vault must reach to be eligible for automatic compaction.


public int getAutoCompactAt();
public void setAutoCompactAt(int autoCompactAt);


This property specifies the percentage of free space a vault must have, at minimum, in order for it to be eligible for automatic vault compaction. An eligible vault may be compacted automatically in the background at any time. Please refer to the CompactVault method for more information about the compacting process itself.

To help guard against excessive automatic compaction operations, applications can set the AutoCompactDelay configuration setting to a non-zero value. Alternatively, this property can be set to 0 to disable automatic compaction completely.

A vault opened in ReadOnly mode will never be compacted, regardless of this property's value.

Note: This property cannot be changed within events.

Default Value


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