PID Re-use

When using various rules that are based on process IDs (PID), you need to be aware that Windows tends to reuse PID numbers. Once the process with a certain PID is finished in any way, Windows can re-use this PID for another process being started. And it does reuse PIDs quite frequently for the purpose of keeping PID numbers low.

Such reuse can cause unexpected and sometimes unpleasant consequence for your application. To counteract it, you can take one or both actions:

  1. Open a handle to the process with the needed PID and not close it as long as your rule exists. Windows documentation states that as long as there exists an open handle to a process, its PID is not reused.
  2. Track completion of the process with the given PID (either by monitoring the state of the process by its handle or using CBProcess component of the CBFS Filter product) and once the process is finished, delete the corresponding rule.

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