CreateReparseRulesSnapshot Method

Creates a snapshot of information about the reparse rules that have been added.


public void createReparseRulesSnapshot(String productGUID);


This method creates a snapshot of information about all reparse rules that have been added by the application identified by ProductGUID. This information is then used to populate the ReparseRules collection property.

When the application is finished working with the reparse rules snapshot, it must close it by calling the CloseReparseRulesSnapshot method in order to release the associated memory. If this method is called again before an existing snapshot is closed, the class will attempt to close it before creating a new one.

Note: This method cannot be called within events.

The methods and properties related to rule management are not intended to be used from multiple threads at once. Applications that wish to use said methods and properties from multiple threads (such as, e.g., during the AfterFilterAttachToVolume and AfterFilterDetachFromVolume events) are responsible for employing proper thread synchronization techniques to ensure that manipulation and enumeration of the rule lists occurs in a thread-safe manner.

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