Passthrough Rules

Passthrough rules are a type of special filter rule supported by the CBFilter, CBMonitor, and CBRegistry components. Passthrough rules instruct the component's system driver to explicitly exclude certain requests from processing, thus counteracting any standard filter rules and/or access rules that they would otherwise match.

Like standard filter rules, passthrough rules use either a file mask or a registry key mask to determine which files/directories or registry keys match. For CBFilter and CBMonitor, passthrough rules can also include additional qualifiers like file size, attributes, etc.; but as with standard filter rules, the mask always takes precedence.

When adding a passthrough rule, applications can specify one or both of the following things:

  • Which specific filesystem/registry operations the component should not fire events for (to counteract standard filter rules).
  • Which specific access restrictions the component's system driver should not apply (to counteract access rules).

The CBFilter, CBMonitor, and CBRegistry components provide the following methods for managing passthrough rules:

Passthrough rules are deactivated and deleted when the application exits.

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