DefaultRuleAccessFlags Property

The access restrictions enforced by the rule.


func (obj *CBRegistry) DefaultRuleAccessFlags(DefaultRuleIndex int32) (int32, error)

Default Value



The access restrictions enforced by the rule.

This property indicates which access restrictions are enforced by the rule. Please refer to the Default Rules topic for more information. The value of this property is a combination of zero or more of the following:

ACCESS_NONE0x00No access restrictions.

ACCESS_READ_ONLY0x01Read-only access; writing and deleting is prohibited.

ACCESS_WRITE_ONLY0x02Write-only access; reading and deleting is prohibited.

ACCESS_DELETE_PROTECT0x04Deletion and renaming is prohibited.

ACCESS_EXECUTE_PROTECT0x08Execution is prohibited.

ACCESS_NO_CHANGE_DAC0x10Change of security attributes is prohibited.

ACCESS_NO_CHANGE_OWNER0x20Change of owner is prohibited.

ACCESS_RENAME_PROTECT0x40Renaming is prohibited.

ACCESS_DELETE_ONLY_PROTECT0x80Deletion is prohibited (renaming is not affected).

ACCESS_REMOTE_ACCESS_PROTECT0x100Access from other systems is prohibited.

ACCESS_DENY_ALL0x200All access is denied.

ACCESS_ALL_FLAGS-1Used to denote all currently set access restriction flags.

The DefaultRuleIndex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the DefaultRuleCount property.

This property is read-only.

Data Type


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