SetFileSizeDirect Method

Resizes a file by passing the request directly to the filesystem.


int SetFileSizeDirect(int64 lFileHandle, int64 lSize);
INT SetFileSizeDirect(LONG64 lFileHandle, LONG64 lSize);


Applications can call this method in filesystem-related event handlers to resize a file without sending the request through the filesystem filter driver stack. If the file is resized successfully, this method returns true; otherwise, it returns false.

The FileHandle parameter specifies the file that should be resized. The value passed for this parameter must be a file handle obtained from the CreateFileDirect method; please refer to its documentation for more information.

The Size parameter specifies the new file size, in bytes.

Note: This method can only be called within events.

Error Handling (C++)

This method returns a Boolean value; after it returns, call the GetLastErrorCode() method to obtain its result code; 0 indicates success, while a non-zero error code indicates that this method encountered an error during its execution. If an error occurs, the GetLastError() method can be called to retrieve the associated error message.

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