StorageGUID Property

The GUID to create the virtual drive with.


QString GetStorageGUID();
int SetStorageGUID(QString qsStorageGUID);

Default Value



When the StorageType property is set to STGT_DISK_PNP, this property is used to specify a GUID for the virtual drive, and must be set to GUID-formatted string (e.g., {676D0357-A23A-49c3-B433-65AAD72DD282}). Otherwise, this property can be left empty.

Some software uses a drive's GUID for the purpose of setting and maintaining certain configuration parameters. Therefore, applications are expected to use the same GUID when repeatedly creating a virtual drive that represents the same data.

Note: This property cannot be changed after a virtual drive is created, and cannot be changed within events.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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