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Thread Safety of the API

The properties and methods provided by CBFS Connect's class APIs fall into one of the following categories when it comes to thread safety:

  • Properties and methods that are intended to be accessed from event handlers (i.e., those documented as such) are thread-safe, since event handlers always execute in the context of worker threads.
  • Methods related to installation, uninstallation, and status retrieval are not thread-safe, since they are expected to be used during the application installation process. (Methods in this category are those which are documented as being "available in both the class API and the Installer DLL".)
  • Any helper methods documented in the class's API (i.e., those used to convert error codes, or provide similar supplementary functionality) don't use any explicit thread synchronization, but also don't access any other class properties or methods, and thus are inherently thread-safe.
  • All other properties and methods are not thread-safe, so applications must employ proper thread synchronization techniques when using them on multiple threads (including, but not limited to, during event handlers).

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