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use_windows_security Property

Whether the virtual filesystem supports Windows' ACL-based security mechanisms.


def get_use_windows_security() -> bool: ...
def set_use_windows_security(value: bool) -> None: ...

use_windows_security = property(get_use_windows_security, set_use_windows_security)

Default Value



This property specifies whether the virtual filesystem should indicate to the system that it supports Windows' standard security mechanisms, which are based on ACLs (access control lists).

If this property is enabled, the application must properly handle the on_get_file_security and on_set_file_security events in order for Windows security mechanisms to function properly.

Note that Windows security attributes are an expected feature of the NTFS filesystem; if the application is identifying its virtual filesystem (via file_system_name) as NTFS, supporting Windows security attributes is recommended.

Please refer to the Security Checks topic for more information.

Note: This property cannot be changed when active is True, and cannot be changed within events.

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