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open_objects_count Property

The number of filesystem objects in the virtual drive that are currently open.


def get_open_objects_count() -> int: ...

open_objects_count = property(get_open_objects_count, None)

Default Value



This property reflects the number of filesystem objects (files, directories, etc.) in the virtual drive that are currently open. It is populated when create_opened_files_snapshot is called, and cleared when close_opened_files_snapshot is called; please refer to those methods for more information.

This property's value may differ from that of the open_handles_count property, and from the number of items in the OpenFile* properties. This occurs because each object can be opened several times, and because the OS may keep files open even after all handles to them have been closed.

Note: The methods and properties related to open files snapshots are not intended to be used from multiple threads at once. Applications that wish to use said methods and properties from multiple threads are responsible for employing proper thread synchronization techniques to ensure that creation, use, and cleanup of open files snapshots occurs in a thread-safe manner.

This property is read-only.

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