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metadata_cache_enabled Property

Whether the metadata cache should be used.


def get_metadata_cache_enabled() -> bool: ...
def set_metadata_cache_enabled(value: bool) -> None: ...

metadata_cache_enabled = property(get_metadata_cache_enabled, set_metadata_cache_enabled)

Default Value



This property controls whether the file metadata cache is enabled for a virtual drive. The size of the file metadata cache can be controlled using the metadata_cache_size property.

When enabled, the class caches responses to on_enumerate_directory and on_get_file_info requests and uses the cached metadata to automatically respond to future requests (if possible), thus reducing how often the on_enumerate_directory and on_get_file_info events fire.

While a file or directory is open, its metadata is kept available in a special record called a File Control Block, regardless of whether the metadata cache is enabled.

Please refer to the Caching topic for more information.

Note: This property cannot be changed within events.

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