CBFS Connect 2020 Python Edition

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handle_all_fsctls Property

Whether to fire the Fsctl event for all FSCTL_* requests.


def get_handle_all_fsctls() -> bool: ...
def set_handle_all_fsctls(value: bool) -> None: ...

handle_all_fsctls = property(get_handle_all_fsctls, set_handle_all_fsctls)

Default Value



This property specifies when the class should fire the on_fsctl event. When disabled (default), the on_fsctl event will only fire for FSCTLs whose function codes are in the 2400-4096 range (these codes are reserved by CBFS Connect for application use). When enabled, this on_fsctl will fire for every FSCTL, except those processed by CBFS Connect itself.

Note: This property cannot be changed after a virtual drive is created, and cannot be changed within events.

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