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file_cache Property

Which file data cache implementation to use.


def get_file_cache() -> int: ...
def set_file_cache(value: int) -> None: ...

file_cache = property(get_file_cache, set_file_cache)

Default Value



This property specifies which file data cache implementation a virtual drive should use, if any. Possible values are:

  • fcNone (0): Do not use file data caching.
  • fcSystem (1, default): Delegate file data caching to the Windows file management system cache (recommended).
  • fcInternalKernelMode (2): Use the CBFS kernel mode file data cache implementation.
  • fcInternalUserMode (3): Use the CBFS user mode file data cache implementation.
When the cache is enabled, commonly-used file data will be cached to help reduce the number of times the on_read_file and on_write_file events are fired.

When set to fcInternalUserMode (3), the UserModeFileCacheSize configuration setting can be used to control the cache size.

Please refer to the Caching topic for detailed information on each of the cache implementations.

Note: This property cannot be changed within events.

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