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uninstall Method

Uninstalls the product's system drivers and/or helper DLL.


def uninstall(cab_file_name: str, product_guid: str, installed_path: str, flags: int) -> int: ...


This method is used to uninstall the product's various modules (i.e., the system drivers and Helper DLL). If the system must be rebooted to complete the uninstallation process, this method will return a non-zero value indicating which module(s) requested the reboot (see install for possible values).

Important: To upgrade the product's modules, just use the install method, do not uninstall them first!

Please refer to the Driver Installation topic for more information.

The same values must be passed for the CabFileName, ProductGUID, and InstalledPath parameters as were passed when install was called; please refer to its documentation for more information.

Flags specifies which versions of the product's modules should be uninstalled, and should be set by OR'ing together one or more of the following values:

UNINSTALL_VERSION_PREVIOUS0x00000001Uninstall modules from previous product versions.

UNINSTALL_VERSION_CURRENT0x00000002Uninstall modules from the current product version.

UNINSTALL_VERSION_ALL0x00000003Uninstall modules from all product versions.

This method is available in both the class API and the Installer DLL included with the product; please refer to the Driver Installation topic for more information about the latter.

This method requires administrative rights to execute successfully. If the user account of the process that calls this method doesn't have such rights, the call will fail with an ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD (0x0522) error.

Note: This method cannot be called within events.

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