CBDrive Errors

The class uses the error codes shown below, all of which are also available as constants for applications' convenience. System error codes, all of which are positive, may also be used as necessary for virtual-drive-related errors. Please refer to the Error Reporting and Handling topic for more information.

CBDrive Errors

-1   The specified file is not a CBFS Storage vault. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_VAULT_FILE)
-2   The specified page size is not valid. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_PAGE_SIZE)
-3   The vault is corrupted. Please call CheckAndRepair. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_CORRUPTED)
-4   Too many transactions active. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_TOO_MANY_TRANSACTIONS)
-5   A file, directory, symbolic link, or alternate stream with the specified name already exists. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS)
-6   One or more transactions are still active. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_TRANSACTIONS_STILL_ACTIVE)
-7   The specified file tag already exists. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_TAG_ALREADY_EXISTS)
-8   The specified file, directory, symbolic link, or alternate stream was not found. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)
-9   The specified path was not found. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_PATH_NOT_FOUND)
-10   The specified file or alternate stream is already open in an exclusive access mode. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_SHARING_VIOLATION)
-11   Cannot seek beyond the end of a file or alternate stream. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_SEEK_BEYOND_EOF)
-12   There are no other files, directories, symbolic links, or alternate streams that match the search criteria. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_NO_MORE_FILES)
-13   The specified name is not valid. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_FILE_NAME)
-14   The requested operation cannot be performed while a vault is open. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_ACTIVE)
-15   A vault must be open before the requested operation can be performed. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_NOT_ACTIVE)
-16   The specified password is incorrect. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_PASSWORD)
-17   The requested operation cannot be performed; the vault is open in read-only mode. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_READ_ONLY)
-18   Can't use custom encryption; no custom encryption event handlers provided. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_NO_ENCRYPTION_HANDLERS)
-19   Out of memory. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY)
-20   A symbolic link's destination file could not be found. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_SYMLINK_DESTINATION_NOT_FOUND)
-21   The specified file is not a symbolic link. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_FILE_IS_NOT_SYMLINK)
-22   The specified buffer is too small to hold the requested value. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL)
-23   Decompression failed (possible due to corruption). (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_BAD_COMPRESSED_DATA)
-25   The vault is full (and cannot be automatically resized). (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_FULL)
-26   Operation interrupted by user. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INTERRUPTED_BY_USER)
-27   The specified file tag was not found. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_TAG_NOT_FOUND)
-28   The specified directory is not empty. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY)
-29   The file or alternate stream was closed unexpectedly; the handle is no longer valid. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_HANDLE_CLOSED)
-30   Invalid file or alternate stream handle. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_STREAM_HANDLE)
-32   Can't use custom compression; no custom compression event handlers provided. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_NO_COMPRESSION_HANDLERS)
-33   Not implemented in this version of CBFS Storage. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED)
-35   The CBFS Storage system driver has not been installed. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED)
-37   The specified vault cannot be opened, it was created using a newer version of CBFS Storage. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_NEW_VAULT_VERSION)
-38   The specified file is not a directory. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_FILE_IS_NOT_DIRECTORY)
-39   The specified file tag data type is not valid. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_INVALID_TAG_DATA_TYPE)
-40   The specified vault storage file does not exist. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST)
-41   The specified vault storage file already exists. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_VAULT_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS)
-42   Some callback mode event handler has returned an unidentified error. (CBFSSTORAGE_ERR_CALLBACK_MODE_FAILURE)

Special Use Errors

21   ERROR_NOT_READY: Reported by the methods of the class if Initialize has not been called or did not succeed.
575   ERROR_APP_INIT_FAILURE: Reported by the methods of the class if Initialize has not been called or did not succeed. Differs from ERROR_NOT_READY (21) in that it indicates a specific situation in the internal code.
588   ERROR_FS_DRIVER_REQUIRED: Reported if the driver was not correctly installed for the given ProductGUID.
614   ERROR_NO_CALLBACK_ACTIVE: Reported by any method that can only be called within event handlers if it is called outside an event handler.
1292   ERROR_IMPLEMENTATION_LIMIT: Reported when the timeout value provided is less than 3 seconds.
1314   ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD: Reported by any method that requires elevated permissions if it is called without such permissions.

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