User Mode API

The user mode API comes in two forms:

  • As DLLs with import libraries, named cbfsconnect20.dll and cbfsconnect20.lib, respectively.
  • As static libraries, which don't require DLLs, named cbfsconnect20s.lib.

The DLLs are available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) processor architectures. Use the DLL with the import library if incompatibilities occur between the compilation and linkage options set in your project and the options with which the library was compiled.

When linking the static library, no extra user mode API files need to be deployed with the application. When using the DLL, deploy the .dll file to the target system and place it next to the application's .exe file.

Note: When linking the static library, the Windows library version.lib must be included in the linker options.

Remember to deploy the drivers and supplementary DLLs too, as they are an integral part of CBFS Connect.

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