UseDirectoryEmptyCheck Property

Whether the IsDirectoryEmpty event should be used.


int GetUseDirectoryEmptyCheck();
int SetUseDirectoryEmptyCheck(int bUseDirectoryEmptyCheck);
BOOL GetUseDirectoryEmptyCheck();
INT SetUseDirectoryEmptyCheck(BOOL bUseDirectoryEmptyCheck);

Default Value



This property specifies whether the class should fire the IsDirectoryEmpty event when the OS needs to check whether a directory is empty. Such checks are typically performed just before the OS requests that a directory be deleted.

If this property is enabled (default), the application must properly handle the IsDirectoryEmpty event.

Note that use of the IsDirectoryEmpty event is only efficient if the virtual filesystem has a fast way to check whether directories contain any entries (files, subdirectories, links). If such a check would require enumerating child entries, it's more efficient for the application to disable this property and perform the check directly within the CanFileBeDeleted event instead.

Note: This property cannot be changed when Active is true, and cannot be changed within events.

Data Type


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