SerializeAccess Property

Whether non-intersecting operations against the same file should execute serially or in parallel.


int GetSerializeAccess();
int SetSerializeAccess(int bSerializeAccess);
BOOL GetSerializeAccess();
INT SetSerializeAccess(BOOL bSerializeAccess);

Default Value



This property specifies whether the class should force non-intersecting operations against a single file or directory to execute serially (default), or allow them to execute in parallel.

Parallel processing can speed up operations, to a certain extent. When this property is disabled, and two or more requests (which don't change filesystem information) are made against the same file or directory, those requests are surfaced in parallel via the appropriate events (assuming that there are enough worker threads available to service them at the time). By default this property is enabled, and such requests are serialized. Please refer to the Threading and Concurrency topic for more information.

Please note that in order for parallel processing to work, the SerializeEvents property must be disabled, and the MinWorkerThreadCount and MaxWorkerThreadCount configuration settings must be set such that parallel processing can actually occur.

Note: This property cannot be changed after a virtual drive is created, and cannot be changed within events.

Data Type


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