Unmount Event

Fires after the class unmounts media from the virtual drive, making it unavailable.


virtual int FireUnmount(CBFSUnmountEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
int ResultCode; int reserved; } CBFSUnmountEventParams;
virtual INT FireUnmount(CBFSUnmountEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
INT ResultCode; INT reserved; } CBFSUnmountEventParams;


This event fires once the class has unmounted media from the virtual drive, making it unavailable. Please refer to UnmountMedia and DeleteStorage for more information.

This event is optional; it is provided to give applications a chance to perform additional processing when the virtual filesystem becomes unavailable.

The ResultCode parameter will always be 0 when the event is fired. If the event cannot be handled in a "successful" manner for some reason (e.g., a resource isn't available, security checks failed, etc.), set it to a non-zero value to report an appropriate error. Please refer to the Error Reporting and Handling topic for more information.

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